When You Get Shoved off a Cliff

The past week and a half … happened. A lot of the stuff wasn’t nice. A lot of it didn’t even happen to me, but to someone I love. And then there were wonderful things for everyone involved, too.

A little over a month ago, I submitted a short story to The Crossover Alliance for their superhero-themed anthology.

Now, some people are the type to fling themselves off the metaphorical cliff, spread their wings, and soar.

I am not one of that number. I hem and haw at the edge, scuffing my feet in the dirt, not wanting to look down. Fortunately I have friends who get an absurd amount of satisfaction body shoving me off of cliffs.

Writing and submitting this story was one of those moments. Here’s a shout-out to Sarah-Mom and Hannah, the weirdest and best spur-of-the-moment critique buddies in the universe. In their own ways, they pushed me. And guess what.

I flew. The story got accepted!


I’m kind of floored. When I got the email, I may possibly have done a happy dance in my desk chair. The anthology is being released in February or March of 2017, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Being pushed off a cliff is scary, but sometimes it’s needed. So far, I’ve flown every time. Each time, I get a little braver. True, I won’t always fly. Neither will you, whether you were pushed or jumped on your own. But hey, maybe someone is waiting at the bottom with cookies. You never know.


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