Unicorns, Dragons, and Nose Rings

img_1605Last weekend, I entered a magic portal and have returned to tell the tale.

Actually, Sarah-Mom, Hannah, and I went up to the cabin for our second writing retreat. We didn’t have internet access, phone service, or hot water. That’s kinda like going to another world. And it was sooooo fun!

First, the photo to your left. Since I knew my title for this post, I had to take a picture of unicorns and dragons. As for a nose ring, Sarah-Mom could’ve stuck her nose in the picture, but that would just be weird. She’s got a lovely diamond stud, though. The two stuffed dragons have yet to be named and are my birthday present from Hannah (I got Star Wars socks from Sarah-Mom!). Lil’ black dragon is my faithful friend Bob, and the unicorn is Hannah’s Little M. He kindly consented to pose for me.

The weekend began when I drove up to Hannah’s house and got to meet her Middle Gal and Little Gal. We had fun making mud pies and playing with the puppy. Then Sarah-Mom arrived, we loaded our stuff into her car, and were off to the cabin.

All three of us got what we needed to get done and then some. Friendships were strengthened with deep, late night talks. We had spur-of-the-moment critique sessions that may or may not have involved as much teasing and laughter as editing. A couple of walks happened. So did chocolate. Also tea and excellent boiled potatoes.

Here’s Hannah, Sarah-Mom, and me on one of our walks:


I almost didn’t get home on Sunday because my car wouldn’t start. Thankfully, Hannah’s hubby jump-started the battery, and I made it with no difficulties. I’m inspired to write and happy that I got to spend a few days doing what I love with two of my favorite people.

Who knows, maybe next time we really will find a magic portal.

One comment to Unicorns, Dragons, and Nose Rings

  • Becky  says:

    Awww, Marli has the green dragon and a little unicorn. Sounds like it was a great time!

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