Sometimes Smaller is Bigger

Every once in a while, I go into hermit mode and think a lot. That happened recently, and one of the things I pondered was the importance of little things. It hit me how many tiny blessings I have. Some of them I don’t necessarily need, but God gives them to me anyway. I consider them hugs from Him.

Like going on a hike with my mom when the setting sun looks like a fairy.

Extra work. Finding blessings in the bad things. Dew on a blade of grass. Laughing when a text I send is supposed to say “Thinking of you” but it autocorrects to “Honking of you”. Frost so thick it looks like snow. Wrapping presents and making them look all pretty.

Best of all, the feel of a child’s arms around my neck, the glitter her sparkly Christmas sash leaves on my skirt. My bestie and I bumping into each other accidentally on purpose when we are shopping. Saying “I love you too”.

My challenge to you as you celebrate Christmas: look for the little things. The “unimportant” things. Find the good in the bad, and then thank God for them all.

Merry Christmas!

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