Well, I did it. I jumped off the proverbial cliff and started a blog (actually, I was pushed, but we won’t go into that). I’m sitting here feeling super excited about the chance to get geeky over stuff I love getting geeky over and terrified about putting myself out there.


S’mae is Welsh for “hi”. And yes, languages are one of the things I’m geeky about. I got all scheduled and organized, and I loosely planned what I’ll post for the next few months. The first and third Mondays of each month are my posting days, and if there’s a fifth, I’ll post then, too.

The first Monday will be writing related, which will be anything from what I’m learning about the writing craft to exploring myths to the wonderful weirdness that is the English language. I’m going to Realm Makers, a conference for Christian speculative writers, at the end of this month (!!!), and that’s definitely what I’ll write about first!

The third Monday will alternate between dragons and personality types.

If there’s a fifth Monday, it’ll be completely random. Maybe about cats. Maybe about names. Maybe about daydreaming.

There you have it.

4 comments to S’mae!

  • H.M.S.  says:

    Hello sissy!

    • rejdragonwriter  says:


  • Elizabeth  says:

    So excited to see what comes next! Thank you so much for this blog!!! Till we meet again, my dear friend! <3 <3 <3

    • rejdragonwriter  says:

      Thank YOU for your support and enthusiasm!

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