Kiddos and Coasters

As life this past month has been very similar to riding a roller coaster, it was fitting that I actually rode roller coasters again this week. This time, there were eleven of us, including five kids under the age of five (two sets of twins plus the baby!).


Here are the older four looking forward to riding the elephants!

While we were traipsing about having the time of our lives, it hit me. I have the most amazing friends EVER. Since I’m an only child, I set great store in my friends. And God certainly filled the gap of not having sisters and brothers. So in this week of thankfulness, that’s what I’m especially thankful for (and my family, and cats, and foggy beaches, and ice cream, and books …).

There are the friends I’m completely comfortable with. You know, where you don’t have to worry about saying stuff right and you’re safe to be yourself. The ones that are home. I don’t know if everyone even has people like that, and I love mine very much.

There are writing friends. They’re the weirdest and absolute best. With them, I can psychoanalyze people that don’t exist and discuss whether or not unicorns have email, and it’s perfectly normal. They’re the ones who get my crazy life because they live it, too.

I could go on and on. All the adopted sisters, languages invented from typos, texts sent at all hours, late night phone calls, and friends who are right there when things get tough. I’m one blessed girlie!

By the way, we’re visiting family for Thanksgiving and I actually get to walk on a (potentially) foggy beach. Fog or no, it’s beautiful!


Happy Thanksgiving one day late!

2 comments to Kiddos and Coasters

  • Becky  says:

    So blessed to count you among my friends. With Love, Dream Crusher 😉

    • rejdragonwriter  says:

      <3 <3 <3

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