Hodgepodge and Fiddle-Faddle

img_1532Because I was sick last week and didn’t have the energy to think of a more “official” post subject, I’m just gonna tell you about my hodgepodge and fiddle-faddle from the past month.

Autumn is here!!! Which means sweaters, boots, cloudy days, and skipping about the house. Also, my cat, Poco, sits on my lap at every opportunity. It even rained a few days ago, which is a wonderful thing for this Californian pluviophile.

Writing has consisted of working on a couple of short stories, some plot development I’m super excited about, miscellaneous research, and trying not to get distracted on the internet. Pinterest isn’t a distraction, though. Pinterest is “research”.

My fencing lessons are going well. Poco’s favorite game continues to be “Watch Rosemary Fence”, and her favorite toy is my foil. I got a little teddy bear at a thrift store to hang up in my room and use as a target. I named him D’Artagnan.

I had a lengthy excursion into the realm of INFJ v. INFP, but that’s my next personality post. You’re gonna have to wait. Mwahaha!

I saved the best for last. This weekend, my two besties are taking me to Six Flags for my birthday. We’ve been planning this since May, and we’re ridiculously excited. I’ve never been on a roller coaster before. Shocking, yes? And because of my inherent need to fulfill my own story, I am totally riding in the front seat. It’s gonna be so fun!

That’s it for now. See ya!

One comment to Hodgepodge and Fiddle-Faddle

  • Eliza  says:

    Isn’t Autumn wonderful? D’Artagnan. Nice. 😉 I look forward to the next post!!!

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