Fictional Influence

A few months ago, my friend sent me a song by a band called Twenty Øne Piløts. I’m a classical/soundtrack kind of girl, but I listened to it anyway and actually made it to the end of the video (the song is called “Fairly Local”, by the way, and you can give it a listen here: Still, I thought it was meh. Whatever. Give me Rachmaninoff and Two Steps from Hell (I know, I know, the title sounds bad, but their music is sooo good!).

The song kept niggling at me, though. The next day, I listened to the entire album, Blurryface. Even though a few of their songs aren’t in my taste, I decided I really, really like this band. And then it hit me why: if one of the main characters in my novel lived in modern times, he would LOVE Twenty Øne Piløts.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that although I’m decidedly atypical, I’m not a leader. For the most part, I LIKE following, staying in the quiet corners, and simply going along with the flow. That plus I’m lazy and fine with other people doing all the planning and thinking. 🙂

This is the first time a fictional character has influenced me, though. And boy, he did a good job of it. Some of my favorite songs ever are by Twenty Øne Piløts (their lyrics are amazing. And no swearing!).

That got me on this super fun trail of figuring out what music all my characters would like if they lived in my world, what their professions would be, and what styles they’d wear.

And this brilliant thought came to me at like two in the morning: maybe fictional characters don’t exist, but they’re real.


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