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Sometimes Smaller is Bigger

Every once in a while, I go into hermit mode and think a lot. That happened recently, and one of the things I pondered was the importance of little things. It hit me how many tiny blessings I have. Some of them I don’t necessarily need, but God gives them to me anyway. I consider them hugs from Him.

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Reconciliation Cover Reveal

Yesterday, I was stressing about what to write for a blog post this week, but then I checked my email and found one from L2L2 Publishing. Boom. Saved!

I met Amy Brock McNew at Realm Makers this summer, and I’ve since read her first book, Rebirth: Book One of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles.

Now, I’m thrilled to be part of the sequel’s cover reveal! Reconciliation: Book Two of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles releases January 24, 2017.

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Want to Bimble with a Bumbershoot?

When you think about it, English is an extremely weird language. I mean, there’s no pine in pineapples, or apples, either. Boxing rings are square. If the plural of brother is brethren, why isn’t the plural of mother methren? You recite at a play, but play at a recital. A house can burn up as it burns down.

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Christmas, Love, and Dead, Rotting Leaves

I’m scribbling this post on a scrap piece of paper between practicing violin, putting up our Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and running random errands before rehearsal tonight.

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Kiddos and Coasters

As life this past month has been very similar to riding a roller coaster, it was fitting that I actually rode roller coasters again this week. This time, there were eleven of us, including five kids under the age of five (two sets of twins plus the baby!).

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Joy in the Front Seat

Remember when I posted about the short story that got best of show in the fair? The anthology it’s in is out! *squeals* The first thing I did upon receiving my copy was bury my nose in the pages and take a whiff. Then I sat there and petted the book.

What do you mean, I’m crazy?

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When You Get Shoved off a Cliff

The past week and a half … happened. A lot of the stuff wasn’t nice. A lot of it didn’t even happen to me, but to someone I love. And then there were wonderful things for everyone involved, too.

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Is it a Pack of Lies or a Lack of Pies?

Ever find yourself saying something and it comes out screwy? Yeah, it happens to me, too. A lot. Once I described myself as “quy and shyet”. It turns out there’s a name for this jumbling of sounds – spoonerisms.

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Unicorns, Dragons, and Nose Rings

img_1605Last weekend, I entered a magic portal and have returned to tell the tale.

Actually, Sarah-Mom, Hannah, and I went up to the cabin for our second writing retreat. We didn’t have internet access, phone service, or hot water. That’s kinda like going to another world. And it was sooooo fun!

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Hodgepodge and Fiddle-Faddle

img_1532Because I was sick last week and didn’t have the energy to think of a more “official” post subject, I’m just gonna tell you about my hodgepodge and fiddle-faddle from the past month.

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